Freeze Alert Plus
Owner’s Manual

Freeze Alert Plus
Model: TM1-W
Owner’s Manual

Thank You for your purchase. Your new Freeze Alert Plus from Ther-Monitor LLC will give you years of peace of mind. With its superior functionality and accurate and timely alerts, you don’t have to worry about temperature and/or humidity conditions when you can’t be there to check for yourself.

For sales and support call (218) 422-6651.

Getting Started

There are 3 things you will need to begin:

  1. WiFi Internet connection with at least a fair signal to your Ther-Monitor’s intended location.
  2. The name (SSID) and password for that WiFi.
  3. A device like a smart phone, laptop, tablet or computer with WiFi capability and a browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge). This will be your Setup Device.

There is no app to install, and your Setup Device is not the only device you can check your temperature with.

WiFi Setup

Normally, this only needs to be done once.

  1. Plug in your Ther-Monitor. Plug the cable into the adapter and the adapter into a wall outlet. You will see the first light come on, then the second blink. This indicates that it’s ready to connect to.
  2. Connect your Setup Device to your Ther-Monitor. Go to your settings area on your Setup Device and then go to WiFi settings. Select your Ther-Monitor’s name. It will appear like Ther-Monitor-xxxxxx where the x’s are the ID (which can be found on the back of your Ther-Monitor). Click “Connect”. It is important to note that your Setup Device will likely warn you that you are not connected to the Internet. That's actually good. It means that your Setup Device is solidly connected to your Ther-Monitor. Continue.
  3. Open your browser. Open a browser on your Setup Device and in the address bar, type In a few moments, you will be given a list of all the WiFi names nearby. Select the name of the WiFi you want your Ther-Monitor to use, enter its password and click “Connect”.You should get a “Success” message on your Setup Device and see more light activity on your Ther-Monitor (explained later). If not, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  4. Go back to your Setup Device's settings and re-connect to your normal WiFi and you're done with WiFi setup. You should now log in to your account at and add your information.

Account Settings

Log in to your account to change your settings. Use your Ther-Monitor’s ID for both your username and password for initial setup. The ID can be found on the back of your Ther-Monitor. Your Ther-Monitor is unique and comes with its own ID and private account already set up for you on the secure servers at Once logged in, you will see 4 buttons. Profile, Alerts, Security and Groups explained below.

  • Name – This is your name.
  • Address – Your Address.
  • Cell Phone Number – The number for the phone on which you want to receive text message alerts.
  • Cellular Carrier – This is needed to be able to automatically send text message alerts without charge to you. (ie. AT&T, Verizon, Straight Talk, Sprint, etc…)
  • E-mail Address – For alerts and password assistance.
  • Freeze Alert Temperature – The low temperature at which you want to be sent an alert. Preset to 45°.
  • Over Temperature Alert – The high temperature at which you want to be sent an alert. Preset to 99°.
  • Humidity Low Alert – Not preset.
  • Humidity High Alert – Used to alert you of high humidity conditions which may indicate leaking pipes or other sources of excessive moisture.
  • Power / Internet Loss Time Alert – The amount of time to wait before sending an alert concerning power outage or Internet failure. 
  • Username – Preset to the ID. You may want to change this to something more familiar.
  • Change Password – It is highly recommended you change this from its preset password.
  • PIN – For quick access to temperature / humidity readings.
  • Unit Location – Where you put your Ther-Monitor (ie. pump house, garage, home while you’re away…)
  • Account Active – If disabled, your Ther-Monitor will stop recording conditions and turn off all alerts and warnings. (Not Recommended)
  • Group ID – To set a Group ID just type in a unique but easy to remember name such as dpeterson or madisonproperties.
  • Groups are used in 2 ways
    1) To check on more than one Ther-Monitor at a time. For instance, a person can check the temperature / humidity conditions in both their basement and garage at the same time, or a landlord / property manager can see all their properties on a single web page.
    2) To add a person as a backup or secondary person to send alerts to.
  • Secondary Group Member Name – The name of a backup or secondary person to also receive alerts.
  • Secondary Group Member Cell Phone Number – The cell phone number of this second person.
  • Secondary Group Member Cellular Carrier – This is needed to be able to automatically send text message alerts to that second person without charge. (ie. AT&T, Verizon, Straight Talk, Sprint, etc…)

The Lights And What They Mean





Normal Operation

 Unit is on and functioning properly.

 Looking for WiFi

 WiFi connected, waiting to send.

 Sending temperature/humidity data

 Received confirmation

 (sequential blinking) Taking temperature and testing humidity level.

Informational Codes

 Cannot get sensor information.

 Server error

Quick Check of Your Temperature / Humidity

You can check your temperature and humidity from any computer, smart phone, or tablet from anywhere in the world. Simply go to and type in your PIN or Group ID. Groups are used to check on multiple Ther-Monitors at one time. Your preset PIN is your Ther-Monitor’s ID.



Model TM1-W

Power supply: input 115VAC, output 5VDC, UL Listed.

Output: the single bus digital signal

Measuring range: 5 – 95%RH humidity, temperature 0 – 130°F

Measurement accuracy: +-5%RH humidity, temperature +-1°

Resolution: 1%RH humidity, temperature 1°

Exchangeability: fully interchangeable

Long term stability: < ± 1%RH

WiFi compatibility: 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4 GHz

WiFi range: 100+ yards in open air. Obstructions such as walls, trees, sheet metal, earth, stone and such will likely reduce WiFi range.

Made in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, USA with parts from distant and exotic lands.

Warranty and Limited Liability

Your Ther-Monitor is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

Ther-Monitor LLC will, at its own discretion, repair or replace any Ther-Monitor device which is defective or disabled within the warranty period FREE OF CHARGE.

Ther-Monitor LLC cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to property from the use of your Ther-Monitor device.

Warranty void if your Ther-Monitor device has been altered, misused, damaged or otherwise used in a manner inconsistent with the intended use and application.